Best-in-class information security incident management.

  • Security

    Protect sensitive incident data

  • Productivity

    Increase incident response efficiency & effectiveness

  • Strategy

    Inform decision-making

CISOs: Reduce risk and increase productivity as your team grows and matures


The Pains

Are you and your information security incident response team facing challenges? Do any of these pain points sound familiar or make you cringe?

Are you:

  • Frustrated by the challenges of managing incidents with spreadsheets, word processors and e-mail?
  • Unable to store sensitive incident information in your help desk system?
  • Tired of spending time managing and programming outmoded, open-source systems?
  • Dealing with or concerned about the potential for poor audit or assessment results for Information Security Incident Response?
  • Looking to implement best practices, mature your security program and take your incident handling processes to the next level?

We feel your pain. We've engaged nearly two hundred CISOs and their teams in discovery sessions and have come to find that many face these common and frustrating challenges. Our product is designed to specifically address these barriers and streamline the process of security incident management so that you can focus on what really matters - handling incidents and improving security posture.

The Gains

CISOBox is a unique solution created specifically for information security incident response and management.

Do you need to:

  • Comprehensively and centrally track and organize incident information including metadata, journals, messages, evidence and artifacts?
  • Deliver an efficient and effective sharing & communication platform for distributed IR teams and stakeholders?
  • Quickly generate compliance and management reports and analysis?
  • Clearly and compellingly illustrate risks and priorities to leadership to justify budgets and gain needed funding?
  • Support compliance with five (5) NIST 800-53r4 IR controls and twenty four (24) NIST 800-61r2 requirements and recommendations?
  • Provide demonstrable proof of compliant IR processes and procedures to regulators, auditors, assessors and leadership?
  • Fully secure sensitive incident information using IC-grade technology?

That's right. We said IC-grade technology - as in Intelligence Community tested and approved. The CISOBox is built on the foundation of our flagship product, The Yakabox, certified secure and used by the strictest clients in the IC-Community. You can rest assured that your information is secure, without sacrificing usability, communication, and compliance!


Two secure deployment options so that you can choose the solution that fits best with your institution and requirements.


You receive your own VM appliance to host on-site at your facility.


You’ll still have your very own VM, but we will host it here, in our facility. 

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Yakabod has been a well-known and respected contributor of technology and solutions to the Intelligence Community for over a decade. Our flagship product, The Yakabox, is a secure knowledge sharing system, optimized for Federal Intelligence Agency applications. The Yakabox has been accredited to PL3 plus Annex E under the DCID 6/3 directive and is used in sensitive Intelligence Community applications every single day. The same core technology that makes up the Yakabox also makes up the foundation of our newest offering, the CISObox, This means that your information is “spy-agency secure,” and built upon a system that has been repeatedly tested and certified by the most demanding clients.

In addition, CISOBox is supported by the experienced team of information security professionals on staff at Yakabod. The Yakabod team has been successfully building and securely operating software solutions in partnership with Federal Intelligence Agency information security teams for more than ten years. We understand what it takes to secure information systems and support customers in the most demanding information security environments.