Keep KPIs front and center.

Engage employees with top company goals.

You can:

  • Display metrics that matter.
  • Maintain momentum. 
  • Create sustainable engagement.
I need to engage my employees without losing time.


Kill communication problems.

Manage growth and connect with teams. 

Take charge:

  • Connect with remote teams.
  • End the "us vs. them" mentality.
  • Maintain open and private dialogues.
Show me how to ensure my teams are on the same page.


A smooth transition to "social".

Information is traveling faster - you can, too.

The possibilities:

  • Transform corporate culture.
  • Foster employee innovation.
  • Be accessible without losing time.
Help me tranform my company's culture and promote innovation. 

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Leadership Communications

Leadership communication can seriously cut away at an executive’s time — phone calls, e-mails, management-by-walking-around. Plethos offers a single solution for all of your communication needs.

With Plethos, you can:

  • Engage your employees with the big picture goals. Show them how their everyday efforts make a difference.
  • Align your teams - keep remote and corporate teams on the same page without emails and phone calls.
  • Transform company culture to improve communication, retention, motivation, and morale.


Organized around TTOs and team priorities, Plethos isn’t just ideal for staying organized during the initial proposal, but is also perfect for building bids after primes have been awarded.

With Plethos, you can:

  • Focus on winning TTOs.
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to administer the TTO bidding process.
  • Eliminate communication issues to meet tight TTO response deadlines and keep everyone happy.

Project Communications

Know exactly what’s going on with your most important projects at a single glance.

With Plethos, you can:

  • Communicate seamlessly - ditch the e-mail chains and status spreadsheets.
  • Keep everyone in the loop - executives, stakeholders, leaders - and anyones else.
  • Stop wading through transactional data just to get a status update.


Simple, easy-to-read metrics right at the center of the conversation. 

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