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The Yakabox powers you to breakthrough in your most important missions.

Get real work done.

Your mission starts here. Most knowledge sharing solutions fail - because it's just one more thing users have to do. And they already have too much to do. Yakabox targets those annoying disconnects in your everyday processes, so users can share in context of the things they already do. 

Yakabox Core Features  help you manage basic task, project, and information sharing activities in a social collaborative environment - so you can start quick and scale rapidly. As you learn from your users, you can tailor your Yakabox to specific missions using Make It Your Own features like Applications, Workflows, and Pages. Easily integrate Yakabox with all your existing systems using our web services APIs so you can Use What You Have - data repositories, transactional applications, legacy systems, and more. Of course, you can also Take It With You - mobile and desktop applications provide a rich client experience and secure remote access to your Yakabox from a variety of devices. You can even write your own specialized data visualization or processing apps or an entire mission-focused front end - your tech team has access to the same API's we use for our standard mobile client apps.


Know what you know.

In most organizations, 80% of what they know walks out the door every night in the heads of their knowledge workers. But not yours. You're already starting to capture the lessons learned, experiences, wisdom, opinions, ideas - all the insanely valuable intellectual assets you already have that will multiply your effectiveness as you weave them together.

Since you've already given users context and confidence to contribute what they know - Yakabox makes it easy for users to get engaged, stay abreast of activity relevant to their mission, then contribute what they know through comments, conversations, blog entries, seealsos, and more. Which in turn encourages others to contribute what they know. Which in turn becomes available to everyone who is allowed to see it through keyword searchs, ongoing activity alerts, summary pages, and more.  You are well on your way to putting that 80% to work on your mission.



Break down the stovepipes.

Every organization has information stuck in "stovepipes" - and none of them are coming down just because some executives declared a new KM strategy. But yours are already crumbling. Yakabox's usability, context-driven collaboration and IC-grade security (PL3 plus Annex E) overcome typical objections to sharing. Users share only what makes sense for the mission, gain value in return, start to build trust. As you continue driving adoption and users gain confidence  - you're poking enough holes in those stovepipes that they'll soon collapse under their own weight.


Do Stuff That Matters.TM

Mission accomplished! By now, your users have willingly adopted Yakabox because of the value they gain from it everyday. In the process they'll share information and collaborate. But what they do next will transform your organization. They'll start to contribute stuff you didn't know they knew. They'll start to understand in a very concrete way how their contributions matter. They'll start to work with a renewed sense of purpose that goes far deeper than reciting the vision statement hanging on the wall. They'll start to naturally align with your broader objectives, breaking down longstanding cultural barriers in the process. All powering you to breakthrough in doing what matters most to your organization.