The Question Everyone Still Asks

We started in the internet domain-name land-grab days – and while nobody seems to care what made-up tech company names mean anymore, we still get asked all the time. Translated from the original Hebrew, Yakabod simply means "God’s glory”. Founders Scott Ryser and Scott Williamson chose the name to reflect their own Christian faith, and Ryser jokingly calls it "our anti-Enron device. It's a constant reminder that we're not building the company for our own egos."

This said, everybody in the firm chooses his or her own spiritual path, if any. ("If somebody believes they were sent here by Martians, that's fine, as long as they live out Yakabod's core values in their work," says Williamson.)

Why mention faith at all? Many successful executives keep their personal beliefs—politics, religion, the merits of OS X versus Windows—to themselves. For Yakabod's founders, applying their faith to their work is simply part of their personal commitment to living lives that matter. If it works on Sunday—and they firmly believe it does—then it ought to work on Monday.

"If Yakabod gives people an imperfect little glimpse of how God's kingdom works, rather than the broken mess they see on the news every night, we'll have lived up to the name," says Ryser.


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We are currently accepting applications for several positions within the company. If you are looking to work with a company devoted to doing things that matter, you are in the right place.

Entry Level Web App Developer

Location:  Yakabod Headquarters-Frederick MD, 21701
Job Type:  Full-Time, Entry Level

Lead Intelligence Analyst

Location:     Columbia, MD
Job Type:   Full Time