Yakabod and other innovative tech companies love beautiful historic downtown Frederick. Here's Why.


Here’s 10 right away, thanks to this great piece on the Business in Frederick blog. (You might recognize us in a few of those shots, by the way).

But let's add a few more to the list:

1. Field Trip!

No one's excited to drive to a meeting down some industrial park cul-de-sac in a one-story windowless office filled with Dilbert cubes - even if it’s just ten minutes away. But customers love to come visit us, even from hours away. That's because it feels like a field trip! By the time they get to our front door they’re thinking “I really need to bring my (husband/wife) back here for dinner soon!” By the time we wrap the meeting they’re saying, “It just feels so good to be here, there's such great energy.” And they're looking for a good reason to come visit us again.

2.No Beltway. Or 270. Or …

You can live most anywhere and reverse commute here. You can live nearby in the charming, affordable, nearby neighborhoods and bike in. Or you can move close in like my family did and walk to work. In fact, several of our employees do that, too. Yesterday, I had to drive 10 minutes to a meeting, and I jokingly complained to my wife “this is ridiculous; who’s calling a meeting I have to drive to?” After watching me commute hours a day for years - she laughed and laughed. If you’re not seeing the humor too … you’re way too stressed out from your commute. Seriously.

3. Outdoor Adventure

Creative people need to blow off steam and change the scenery to stay creative. If adventure is your recharge, then there’s all the world-class cycling around the county and north/west into adjoining ones you need to get yourself trained up for your next road, gravel or mountain expedition. Plus there’s plenty of hiking, kayaking, fishing, and much more nearby.

4. Sense of Community

If you’re old enough to remember it, some media creatives made a long-running TV series a while back about a place “where everybody knows your name.” There’s a reason it was so popular and so believable. Don’t we all want to settle into that friendly welcoming place, where people know our name, and our interactions are generally based on trust, respect, and honor? Let’s be real - Frederick isn’t quite heaven. But the business community here consistently operates out of the strongest sense of community I’ve ever experienced anywhere. People are here in Frederick because they love Frederick … and once you experience it, you will too.

If you're thinking about making Frederick your home, or at least your career destination, check our our careers page to see if Yakabod could be a place for you. Either way, enjoy Frederick for all it holds!



Entry Level Web App Developer

Location:  Yakabod Headquarters-Frederick MD, 21701
Job Type:  Full-Time, Entry Level

Lead Intelligence Analyst

Location:     Columbia, MD
Job Type:   Full Time