Winning the Hack Frederick event takes teamwork, skills, and some creative thinking. That’s what Yakabod’s own Chris Chillcoat was able to provide as part of a team that took first place in the 2018 competition.

The objective for the event this year was to create a scoreboard application for the 2018 TechFrederick Games, to be used in realtime to record the event’s progress and track point totals. In order to accomplish that goal, Chris’ team dove head first into the problem and approached it from a user perspective. They were then able to perform some rapid prototyping, ultimately creating the winning scoreboard using JSFiddle along with several other technologies.

The event was a success in more ways than one. Along with the coding opportunities, Chris believes that a big part of his “wonderful experience” was due to the interesting people he met. That’s part of the purpose behind the competition – the Hack Frederick event isn’t just about learning something new about coding. It’s also about bringing the Frederick developer community together to learn, celebrate, and challenge each other.

This year the Clarion Inn & Convention Center was the location that brought “everyone from the region together for a day of code, laughs, and camaraderie.” And even the sponsorship of the event was Frederick-driven, as it was sponsored by local organizations, including TechFrederick, the Frederick Office of Economic Development, and Twilio.

Congratulations to Yakabod’s own Chris Chillcoat and the entire first place team!

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