Ease Everyday Hassles & Your Stress Level

Rich in features, CISOBox is built to handle all aspects of cyber incident management. From security, access controls, reporting and analysis, and more, CISOBox is geared toward making your work easier.

Incident Data Management

Securely manage comprehensive incident records using industry-standard incident meta-data based on NIST 800-61r2 and U.S. CERT standards. Create incident response journals with automatic date/time stamps and user attribution, attach evidence and artifact files, and manage incident-related messages. CISOBox also includes a dashboard overview with status, summary, and assigned incident response (IR) leader.

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Comprehensive Security

Rest easier knowing you're using software with a certified, intelligence agency-grade operating system and application security. CISOBox also comes with a full HTML5 interface without Flash or Java, strong password and TOTP-based, two-factor authentication, and is compatible with Duo Mobile and Google Authenticator. CISOs also have the power to assign role-based access and privileges, as well as to limit data access/visibility to users – such as incident data or search results. CISOBox also includes immutable incident records and meta-data with detailed audit trails.

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Sharing & Collaboration

Communication is made simple and easy with CISOBox, which features shared, simultaneous access to incident records for collaborative incident handling and collection of incident data. CISOBox includes a lightweight messaging platform for secure, out-of-hand communication, as well as secure, email-based notifications of status, activity, and messages. It also allows for an incident response team directory with member profiles, including contact information.

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Reporting & Analysis

Pre-configured incident data analysis reports in CISOBox include: incidents by type; incidents by impact; and incidents by compliance. CISOBox allows for pie, bar, and tabular displays of data analysis reports. Comprehensive reports of incident data for management, compliance, and audit reporting can be exported and shared to standard formats, including CSV and HTML.


Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

CISOBox was built with the user in mind. While it has many sophisticated features, it’s easy to learn how to use. The ease of use not only helps everyone get on board quicker, but also affords users the opportunity to spend time on managing incidents and not managing the management software.

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Access Controls

A unique and valuable characteristic of CISOBox is its ability to provide granular, object-based access controls for incident data. Using these controls, CISOBox enables information security teams to precisely protect and preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information stored in CISOBox, while at the same time permitting the shared access and collaboration needed for productive, effective incident handling.

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CISOBox is information security incident management at its best. The program’s certified intelligence agency-grade operating system and application security mean your information is safe and secure. CISOBox also features role-based access and privileges, immutable incident records and meta-data with detailed audit trails, limited data access/visibility to users – such as incident data and search results – per sensitivity classification, and much more.

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Productivity & Strategy

CISOBox is purpose-built for incident management, providing a single, comprehensive, shared working repository for incident data, documentation, and communication. It also facilitates effective, efficient incident handling and teamwork throughout the incident life cycle. CISOBox combines consistent, repeatable incident data collection with push-button reports providing the continuous, efficient incident type, volume, and trend reports needed to understand and manage security posture.

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