Less time managing the platform, more time managing what matters.

We’ve designed CISOBox to be easy to manage so that information security incidents are easier to manage. Because we understand that ease-of-use matters. As you know, in software, usability is just as important as capability; all of the features in the world are no good if your users can’t figure out how to use them – and quickly.

CISOBox is built with users in mind. Yes, it’s powerful – it’s loaded with capabilities to support efficient IR work, best practices and standards – but it’s usable, too. With intuitive interfaces and easy-to-learn controls, it’s a platform that users will love for its simple, straightforward design as much as for its expansive feature set.

Easy-to-use information security incident management software brings your team two key benefits.


Quicker Training and Onboarding

Implementing new software means carving out valuable time to provide training on its functionality. And after implementation, whenever new users are onboarded to a system, training time can delay their ability to be productive and contribute to the team’s work.

 The harder a system is to use, the steeper the learning curve toward user effectiveness, and the more time that’s required for training during implementation and onboarding.

Because CISOBox is easy to understand and use, training time is minimized. That saves time for CISOs, senior team members and new users alike and gives teams the maximum resources to respond to cyber incidents quickly.


Faster IR

Additionally, ease-of-use facilitates faster incident response.

 If a system is unwieldy, and correctly using its functionality requires painful, slow maneuvering through cumbersome interfaces to obtain desired outcomes, then responses are necessarily slower.

 That’s true even if users are fully trained and completely understand the functionality of a cumbersome system; an intuitive system is always faster.

 Of course, for information security incidents, a fast response is often crucial to effectiveness. As such, it’s important that the supporting incident management software not only be functional, but also be easy to use.


Make Responding to Cyber Incidents Easier

For incident response teams to work effectively, it’s essential that they can use an incident response platform easily and quickly, without the unnecessary hurdles that come from unwieldy and cumbersome software.

CISOBox makes IR easier, because it’s easy to use.

It’s designed with the user in mind, taking advantage of technology that’s been proven in the high-pressure environments of the largest federal intelligence agencies – and, today, it’s available to non-federal organizations, too,

 Don’t slow down your information security team with software that’s as difficult to manage as the incident itself. Choose an easy-to-use cyber incident management solution that ensures quick and efficient responses.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free demo of CISOBox and see how it can make incident response easier for your team.




CISOBox Demo

See how CISOBox can help you with incident response handling, including graphs, analytics, and communication coordination.

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