CISOBox makes it easy to get critical incident-related stats and metrics.

Statistics and metrics regarding information security incidents can be extremely valuable to CISO’s and their teams. Trend information showing increases or decreases in the volume and types of incident over time can reveal rising risks and threats or demonstrate the effectiveness of investments to decrease them. Volume information can show the most prevalent incident types and help prioritize time and budgets for maximum impact – and justify priorities to leadership. 

The right incident reports can be highly beneficial for managing security posture and protecting information assets.

But many information security teams struggle to get accurate, helpful and timely reports. Often that’s because they are forced to use processes and tools that don’t lend themselves to repeatable cyber incident data collection and don’t provide for efficient, automated generation of reports based on that data. As a result, generating needed stats and metrics can take a tremendous amount of time – or not get done at all. Worse, all the manual data crunching can still yield poor results due to missing or inconsistent data.

Enter CISOBox.

CISOBox enables teams to repeatably and accurately collect comprehensive data regarding information security incidents. The product also provides push-button interfaces that can instantly create valuable reports at any time based on current data. Easy-data collection and automated report generation eliminate key barriers and deliver the timely, accurate reports needed by CISOs and their teams.

The bottom line: CISOBox makes it practical and easy to get the critical cyber incident-related stats and metrics teams need to effectively protect their organization.

Pre-Configured Incident Reports

CISOBox comes pre-configured with incident data reports allowing push-button generation of valuable incident volume and trend reports at any time – and utilizing up-to-the minute, comprehensive data on all incidents. Simply set the key parameters and go. Built-in reports include:

  • Incidents by type (e.g. Phishing, Policy Violation, etc.)
  • Incidents by compliance (e.g. FERPA, Organizational Policy, etc.).
  • Incidents by data sensitivity

Graphically Display Security Incident Reports

Too often, numbers alone don’t provide impact. Visualizing those numbers graphically is often the key to unlocking insight. CISOBox also offers a comprehensive array of options for presenting incident stats and metric visually. Display types include:

  • Pie charts
  • Bar graphs
  • Tabular displays

Effectively Share with Executives, Boards of Directors and Others

Explaining security posture, priorities and budgets to executives, boards of directors and others is a critical activity for CISOs and their teams. CISOBox’s graphical reports present incident trend and volume information in the simple, high-level manner needed for effective communication with leadership. In addition, the product’s flexible report generation features enable users to adjust filters and data views and create customized reports that address specific questions regarding incident data for management, security or other purposes. 

CISOBox also allows for intuitive and straightforward sharing of reports with others for incident handling, management, compliance, audit reporting and more. Reports can be exported and shared to standard formats, including:

  • CSV / Excel
  • PDF

Incident Management Software That Makes Reporting Easy

CISOs and their teams often face major barriers to getting the stats and metrics they need: manual data collection, inaccurate and inconsistent data collection and time-consuming number crunching all make it difficult to get the reports needed to effectively manage security teams and protect organizations’ data and systems.

CISOBox eliminates these challenges to efficiently provide needed stats and metrics.

Its turnkey and custom reporting capabilities coupled with repeatable data collection provide the capabilities for CISO’s and their teams to quickly and easily understand their cyber incident landscape and drive the decisions and budgets they need to get their jobs done.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free demo of CISOBox and learn how it delivers the stats and metrics your information security team needs.

CISOBox Demo

See how CISOBox can help you with incident response handling, including graphs, analytics, and communication coordination.

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