You Can Trust Your Data to CISOBox

Information security teams devote their time and resources to securing and protecting sensitive, regulated, and proprietary data throughout their organizations, along with ensuring its integrity and availability. But what about information created and used by the security team itself in carrying out its mission? Specifically, what about the data, documents, and communications related to information security incidents?

In their focus on protecting PHI, PII, intellectual property, financial, and similar data, cybersecurity teams should not overlook the need to put in place strong protections for cyber incident data and similar operational security information.

This is exactly what CISOBox does. Using unparalleled security measures like an SE Linux operating system and object-level access controls, you can be confident relying on your security incident information.


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Technology Overview:

  • Prevent unauthorized external access through a hardened software appliance. Provide a “secure wrapper” around all incident data.
  • Ensure users of the system only see, access, and modify records they are permitted to see. Provide “need-to-know” access to, and editing of, records and data within the system.
  • Protect the integrity of incident data and provide audit trails to demonstrate that integrity. Act as a “system-of-record” for incidents and associated data.

CISOBox Demo

See how CISOBox can help you with incident response handling, including graphs, analytics, and communication coordination.

Higher Education Case Study

Wondering if CISOBox is right for your organization? Read about Case Western University and the impact CISOBox had for them.


Fully secures incident data using technology and processes developed for, deployed at, and certified by U.S. Federal Intelligence Agencies. Protects the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information from both users of the system and external threats. You can be certain your data is secure.


Provides a single, central, organized location for the collection and storage of all incident data, including: forms data; investigation and evidence journals; evidence and artifact files; and incident-related messages. All information is indexed and searchable, so you never again have to hunt for files.


Provides built-in reports that analyze incident information and present graphical and tabular management reports. Incident information can be quickly, easily, and completely exported to standard formats, providing all the raw materials needed to complete compliance, audit, management, and other formatted reports.