Drive Improved Security Posture Through Standardized Incident Data & Reports

Beyond Data, Towards Insight

Thoroughly documenting and tracking security incidents is a fundamental part of incident handling best practices, but any individual incident’s data only allows you to see part of the picture. CISOBox enables you to gain a high-level understanding of your entire pool of incidents providing you the information you need to understand your security posture and prioritize actions to strengthen it.

Single System with Standardized Incident Data

CISOBox allows you to store all incident data, attachments and communications in one secure system. This centralized tracking ensures that nothing is missed, nothing is disconnected from the whole picture, and that critical data is not lost or misplaced.

Because CISOBox incident forms are based on NIST and US CERT Standards for data collection, all of your incident records become standardized and enforced allowing for both more accurate and precise tracking, as well as high-level reporting across all incidents.

Push-Button Reports

With its complete, standardized collection of incident data, CISOBox provides you a 30,000 ft. view across all incidents through its easy-to-use reports. These allow you to quickly analyze trends and volumes of incidents by type, compliance, and other high level categories across the entire pool of security incident information ensuring your understanding of your network’s security posture and allowing clear, effective communication with executives and others.

Security Posture Awareness

CISOBox is the missing link in your ability to track and stay on top of your security posture. With consistent, standard data collection and push-button reports, you develop continuous awareness of your environment and are able to act quickly and with proper insight.

CISOBox Incident Types:

  • External/Removable Media
  • Attrition
  • Web-Based
  • Email
  • Improper Usage
  • Loss or Theif of Equipment

NIST 800-61 Revision 2

Walk through the recommendations that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has regarding incident handling.

Best Practices for Incident Response

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