As a Shared Security listener, you're constantly analyzing the trust we put in people, apps, and technologies. But have you examined the trust you put in incident management itself?

Put another way: can you fully depend on the assumption that your incident management tools and processes are secure and functional?

With CISOBox, you can. Here's why (and to see for yourself, schedule a demo today).

CISOBox is purpose-built for incident response.

CISOBox provides a single, comprehensive, shared working repository for incident data, documentation, and communication. It also facilitates effective, efficient incident handling and teamwork throughout the incident life cycle. CISOBox combines consistent, repeatable incident data collection with push-button reports providing the continuous, efficient incident type, volume, and trend analysis needed to understand and manage security posture.

CISOBox is secure incident data management at its best.

The program’s certified intelligence agency-grade operating system and application security mean your information is safe and secure. CISOBox also features role-based access and privileges - with limited data access/visibility to users, you can rest assured sensitive information isn't getting into the wrong hands.

When you schedule your demo, our team will follow up with you quickly to show you a live demonstration of CISOBox's function and features, and answer any questions you have.

Be sure that you can trust your incident management tools.

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