Higher Education

Quickly operationalize IR policies and procedures and comprehensively secure sensitive incident data.

Higher educational institutions experience the 2nd most cyber breaches of any industry. Yet many CISOs and their teams face challenges implementing secure, efficient processes for cyber incident handling.

CISOBox helps teams quickly and comprehensively implement NIST and other incident management best practices at a price that fits college and university budgets. The product increases the productivity of scarce team resources, enabling effective management and documentation of incidents and minimizing risk.

With CISOBox, teams are empowered to respond effectively and keep stakeholders and leadership informed. A single, central, comprehensive, web interface for incident records enables efficient, consistent IR team processes including comprehensive, organized documentation, fast, easy, secure communication and automated reporting for operations and strategy. Intelligence-agency technology provides strong protections for the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive investigation data and reduces disclosure risk including those from insider and external threats, including attackers on the network.

Document Securely

Maintain comprehensive, NIST-based records of incidents and investigations. Protect sensitive incident data with need-to-know access controls, system-of-record and audit functionality.

Contain Cyber Incidents

Enable efficient, effective, collaborative team-based incident response via secure web interfaces for communication and collection of incident data and documentation.

Minimize Risk

Collect, analyze and report on incident characterizations to identify priority threats to the institution and communicate to and address with leadership.

second most

Higher Ed experiences the second most data breaches of any industry

University of New Hampshire, Data Breaches in Higher Education, 2018.

Improving Incident Response in Higher Education

Tom Siu, CISO

Case Western Reserve University

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CISOBox runs on the same technology as Yakabox, a secure knowledge sharing platform accredited by U.S. intelligence agencies

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Align to NIST Standards

"The incident response team should safeguard incident data and restrict access to it because it often contains sensitive data."

— Computer Security Incident Handling Guide
NIST 800-061r2


IR Controls

24 NIST Requirements and Recommendations

NIST Compliant

  • ✓ IR 1 - IR Policies and Procedures
  • ✓ IR 4 - Incident Handling
  • ✓ IR 5 - Incident Monitoring
  • ✓ IR 6 - Incident Reporting
  • ✓ IR 8 - Incident Response Plan

Gain control of increasing security evaluation volume with efficient, secure processes.

Universities are rapidly expanding use of 3rd-party cloud SaaS and other software including those that store sensitive, regulated information. With rising breaches, increased risks and legislation, higher ed information security teams face a growing – and often overwhelming – demand for vendor security evaluations.

CISOBox implements efficient, scalable review processes at an affordable price, increasing the productivity of scarce team resources, controlling the deluge of reviews, and helping to satisfy internal customers and minimize vendor risk.

Built in collaboration with higher education security leaders, CISOBox provides a secure place to track and manage the workflow for each vendor security evaluation including notification for annual renewals. Comprehensive review records centralize and organize all review data and documentation and support the HECVAT standard. Intelligence-agency technologies protect sensitive institution and vendor security architecture, risk, vulnerability and similar data.

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75% of info sec professionals believe third-party cybersecurity incidents are increasing

Ponemon Institute


Boost insider threat case handling productivity and reduce risk with best practices and IC-grade security.

Large organizations can experience 3 or more insider threat events per week requiring a high volume of investigation work. Yet many insider threat programs are stuck managing cases using inefficient, ad hoc processes (spreadsheets, word processors, file sharing and email).

CISOBox delivers the case management capability insider threat teams have been searching for. Built specifically for InT cases, the product provides a time-saving, affordable, fast- and easy-to-deploy upgrade from ad hoc processes.

Accessed securely via web-browser, CISOBox’s centralized, comprehensive insider threat case records offer investigators efficient management of hundreds of cases and their data. Structured forms and workflows support consistent, streamlined investigations, as well as reporting for risk and program management. Intelligence agency technology protects sensitive case data reducing disclosure risk and ensuring integrity for legal, regulatory, audit and compliance purposes.

Protect Privacy

Secure sensitive case data including subjects’ PII and evidence with need-to-know access controls, system-of-record and audit functionality. Implement best practices for data protection and reduce disclosure risk.

Investigate Consistently

Support consistent, efficient investigation procedures through tailored data, processes and workflows. Enable collaboration - including across departments - without sacrificing privacy or security.

Manage Risk

Enable efficient insider threat-specific taxonomy-based case characterization and provide strategic analysis to guide decisions and minimize risk.

of breaches have a substantial insider component

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From security, access controls, reporting, and more, CISOBox has everything needed to give you peace of mind.

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