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We combine our private sector expertise with break-through technology to build knowledge-sharing solutions comprised of top-of-the-line, on-site support staff and secure, custom software created for your team's specific needs. Our Customer Advocates provide 24/7 support and are stationed on-site so that they can best represent and rally for your organization's mission needs and challenges. They work together with our App Factory to transform those challenges into a solution that's just right for your organization and then seamlessly integrate the solution into your existing system.


The People

Our mission-centered proccess connects your people to you mission needs through our technolgies user-centered architecture.

SPOTLIGHT: The Customer Advocate

It takes considerable face-to-face time to truly customize the Yakabox User Experience to fit your processes. Give our CAs your most challenging information, user, or problem and they will listen, learn, and customize the Yakabox to meet the challenge. Typical things you'll find our CAs doing on your site:

  • Information Requirements review,

    workflows, information security, sharing, and retention

  • Product customization,

    look and feel, workflows, pages, blogs, apps, and app reports

  • Security requirements review analysis,

    System Security Plan/Configurations/Customization

  • Security requirements review analysis,

    System Security Plan/Configurations/Customization

  • System Administration,

    status and health of the system, backups, enterprise security requirements

  • End user training,

    support, listening, learning, brown bag lunchs

Make it Your Own

Starting quickly is important, but you need to be able to scale rapidly as you and your team of Customer Advocates learn from your users. You can tailor your Yakabox to specific missions using Make It Your Own features like Applications, Workflows, and Pages. Yakabox customers use Pages, Apps, and Workflows to "make it their own" for a wide range of critical mission and support processes.


Recently Deployed Apps

  • Proposal Center
  • Project Tracker
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Personnel Management
  • Senior Delegation Visit Process
  • Cross-Community Policy and Strategy
  • Special Clearance Tracker
  • Agile Software Backlog

The Process

Our Mission Centered Design Process connects your users to your mission through our technology and top tier customer support.

The Agile Process

Our process is not about putting billable bodies in seats on your site — our process is about taking small steps and getting quick wins and letting it scale from there. We test and learn, test and learn, test and learn and value iterative incremental successes.

User-Driven Design

We’ve found that software solutions work best with the needs of the user at their core – that’s why we design with your needs and use cases at the forefront. Our goal is intuitive products that work the way that you do, rather than forcing you to change the way you work to fit your technology.

It's Cots, It's Custom

At the heart of everything we do is our drive to build great software. Leverage our product driven motivations with your custom misson requirements and you'll experience a new breed of technology support. And your users will thank you for it.

Multiplex Resources

You’ll have access to the best resources for each project. We multiplex resources in the most efficient manner, meaning that you won't just have one person executing all of the tasks on your contract -- you'll get the best suited developer for each challenge you bring us.

Hal Ammann, President Federal Solutions

Hal Ammann

President, Yakabod Federal Services

President of Federal Solutions: Hal AmmannIt's exciting to offer our Federal Clients access to such an exciting technology, and a team that really knows how to put it to work.Quote


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