Everyone Has the Potential to be An A-Player Somewhere.

Here is what it takes at Yakabod.

You're In Sync With Our Core Values

We take them seriously. To enjoy working here, you will too. If you're comfortable with "good enough," our persistent drive towards excellence will drive you crazy.

You Have Solid Skills and A Track Record

You can manage your time, get things done, and solve complex problems. Count on mentoring if you're at an early stage in your career; challenge and opportunity if you're seasoned.

You Like Being Part of A Team

If you only do your best work all by yourself, Yakabod's probably not the place for you. While team members have plenty of individual responsibility and make unique contributions, we're diligent about keeping everyone aligned. We're in this together, and we're in it for the long haul.

You Probably Resonate With Our Culture

You'll find the authentic people - and the playful yet focused vibe - a big part of why you enjoy coming to work each day. But please, we're not looking for carbon copies. If you're an integral part of our daily rhythm, you can expect your interests and experiences to enrich our whole.

You Understand Reaping Takes Sowing

You aren't going to get filthy rich on base salary here, yet we seldom lose recruits over money. Since every employee owns some Yakabod stock (or options), you'll have the potential to share in our combined success.

You Appreciate A Generous, Creative Comp Plan

We provide a comprehensive package of the benefits you'd expect: fully funded family health, personal life, and disability insurance, an HSA plan, tuition reimbursement, adoption fee subsidies, 401K, and profit sharing. But you'll also love two employee favorites: employee-directed year-end charitable contributions (we give), and our annual Personal Development Supplement (you receive!).

Your Next Great Career Opportunity

Browse our open positions. We're always on the lookout for great people.

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