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Frederick Area Ranked “Most Secure Place to Live in the U.S.”

Here at Yakabod, we’ve always loved our convenient location in beautiful, historic downtown Frederick. Here, you can choose from over a dozen delicious restaurants for lunch (all within walking distance), take an afternoon walk in Baker Park to clear your head, or soak up the inspiring, historic architecture on every street.

Turns out that we aren’t the only ones who have noticed how great it is to live and work in Frederick! Check out the official Sperling Ranking here!


TechFrederick Launches New Website

TechFrederick, a networking group specifically dedicated to the growing information technology industry in Frederick County, celebrated the launch of its new website at a quarterly gathering last week.

“[The new website and logo] are the work of an advisory committee made up of local industry representatives and economic development professionals,” reported the Frederick Economic Development E-Newsletter on Thursday.. Nick Damoulokis, owner and CEO of Orases, took on responsibility for developing and hosting the site.

As a proud member of TechFrederick, Yakabod is excited to continue to be apart of the rapidly growing, local tech community and to share in the celebration of this pivotal step forward for TechFrederick. The new site can be seen at


Secure Software Pioneer Appoints New President of Federal Solutions

April 2, 2013

Yakabod, the creators of the Yakabox Secure Knowledge Sharing System, recently announced the appointment of William H. Ammann as their new President of Federal Solutions. Ammann, previously Founder and President of Sycamore Services (acquired last year by KEYW) and a business unit chief for several large integrators, brings over 40 years of Intelligence Community technology project development and management to the table.

"There are many challenges to modern business and few well developed solutions," Ammann said. "I am very happy to join Yakabod, Inc. and look forward to assisting in the expansion of providing proven collaboration and secure knowledge management systems to our federal customers."

Yakabod, headquartered in beautiful, historic downtown Frederick, MD., was founded in 2001 by CEO Scott Ryser and CTO Scott Williamson. Yakabod's flagship product, the Yakabox, is used daily by the US Intelligence Community for secure collaboration. Privately held and self-funded, Yakabod is now launching a commercial SaaS offering to complement their Federal business.

"We are blessed to welcome an executive of Hal's stature to lead and grow our Federal business," Ryser said. "He's been wildly successful and deeply respected everywhere he's been. Which is exactly the type of veteran leadership we need while while we're busy launching a new commercial offering." Ryser added.

Yakabod's newest offering, Plethos, is a commercial SaaS offering engineered to increase engagement, alignment, and awareness between company CEOs and their members using specially designed web applications that center around dialogue, discussion, and connections. Plethos is expected to launch for a private beta audience later this week.

For more information about Yakabod, the Yakabox, or Plethos, contact or (301) 662-4554


Yakabod Talks to Frederick News Post About the Recent Government Spending Cuts
Business Extra: Military contractors fear one-two punch

March 26, 2013

Yakabod founders and CEOs Scott Ryser and Scott Williamson were recently interviewed by the Frederick New Post concerning the recent US Government sequestrations and government contract budget cuts. The technology pioneers keep an optimistic attitude and touch on how their forthcoming commercial product will provide an additional support fallback should contract cuts become an issue.


Scott Ryser Interviewed by Executive Leaders Radio
Listen to the Interview

October 10, 2012

Scott Ryser, CEO and co-founder of Yakabod, Inc., was recently interviewed by Executive Leaders Radio. Executive Leaders Radio conducts positive, elite interviews with prominent CEOs, CFOs, and company Presidents focusing on enlightening listeners to what it takes to succeed. "Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and dedication," says ELR's website. "This highly popular radio program shares the stories and wisdom of leaders like Scott Ryser with a diverse listener audience with the goal of helping others achieve [success]." ELR showcases the individuals behind the larger names of successful companies and tells the life stories these prominent business leaders. This interview offers an exclusive insight as to how and why Yakabod's leaders want to change world You can stream Ryser's interview by visiting .


WJLA-7: Washington Business Report
Yakabod hosts WJLA-7's Rebecca Cooper for an interview with Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.

Yakabod's headquarters in beautiful, historic, downtown Frederick provides the scenic backdrop for Rebecca Cooper's broad-ranging Memorial Day interview with Congressman Bartlett. The Congressman covers topics ranging from programs for helping veterans to the state of the economy to his re-election bid. CEO Scott Ryser also shows the Congressman and the WJLA crew around the office, along with a glimpse of the company's secure knowledge sharing product: the Yakabox.  Scheduled to be aired on Sunday, June 3rd.

Veterans Institute for Procurement helps get veterans jobs.

A local program is working to eliminate some of the employment challenges facing many veterans when they come home from deployment.

In 2011, the average unemployment rate for veterans was 12 percent, and that number is expected to be even higher this year.
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CMS Wire

Government Security News
Intelligence agencies can boost information-sharing security, expediency, productivity and cost-efficiency
Consider the statistics: There were 20 government system breaches by May 3, 2011, according to 80 percent of experience is never captured or reused, said 42 percent of professionals use inaccurate information, according to Accenture. And an IDC study in observed that 25 percent of our work already exists. — August 2011
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CMS Wire

CMS Wire
How to Spot a Collaboration Project in Trouble
Nobody’s surprised when their collaboration initiative succeeds, but they’re always surprised when it fails. Usually the warning signs were there all along. It’s a lot easier to prevent deployment and adoption issues than fix them. In my experience, the five scenarios below lead to trouble. When you know what to watch out for, you can create a project plan to head off these problems. — March 2011
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15 Enterprise Products in 30 Words
As part of the Enterprise Startup Spotlight I've asked each submitter to provide a one sentence explanation of the company and an explanation of how it's different from the competition. I'm begining to think I should have collapsed
both of those fields to two words. Why? Because so many of the strongest enterprise 2.0 companies can be summed up in just two words. Here are 15 products explained in two words each. — Feb. 2011
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3 Enterprise 2.0 Appliances
In true intelligence circle style, CEO Scott Ryser says he can't disclose the names of Yakabod's customers. However, Gartner seems to have vetted the company for its Cool Vendors in the High-Performance Workplace 2010 report. Yakabod claims its Yakabox appliance appliance meets PL-3 and Annex E security requirements. — Jan. 2011
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CMS Wire

CMS Wire
Share Knowledge at Free-Market Prices: Is This How We’ll Finally Get Past Collaboration Resistance?

Ask ten consultants how to build grassroots support for collaboration and you’ll hear ten variations on the same theme — start with the right champion. Until last week, I said the same thing. Then I read a fascinating article that suggests a more scalable approach — start with the right process. What if transacting business in your corporate knowledge sharing “market” was so rewarding that people clamored to be involved from the get-go? — Jan. 2011
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CMS Wire

CMS Wire
Scott Ryser's Enterprise 2.0 Crystal Ball: Six Unofficial Predictions for 2011
1. Even the Cautious Stick a Toe in the Water
Widespread publicity about collaborative work will prompt even the cautious to try it. Projects driven by low-cost, no-cost, and open source tools will build E2.0 momentum in surprising places: prisons, flea markets, world politics, literacy, the war on terrorism. Adoption rates by baby boomers and Gen Xers will outstrip other employee groups. — Dec. 2010
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5 Principles for Improving Social Enterprise Adoption
Adoption remains a hot topic for everyone implementing social media in the enterprise. Getting people to actually use the tools once they've been purchased can be a bigger challenge than the process of purchasing and deploying an enterprise-grade system. Scott Ryser is the CEO of Yakabod, an enterprise 2.0 vendor that has been mostly focused on bringing social media to the US intelligence community. — Nov. 2010
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CMS Wire
Six Counterintuitive Truths About Enterprise 2.0 Adoption
Ten years of knowledge sharing deployments convince me that the rules are different for E2.0. Transactional system benchmarks just don’t work, but we keep applying them to collaborative situations anyway. When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense. — Aug. 2010
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The Constraints on Collaboration
How's that knowledge-sharing initiative coming along? The one where you spent beaucoup bucks on software and who-know-how-much on training? If you've hit a wall, you're not alone. Resistance is inevitable. — Aug. 2010
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Gartner Names Yakabod Cool Vendor
Yakabod, developer of the Yakabox™ knowledge sharing system, announced today it is included in the "Cool Vendors in the High-Performance Workplace, 2010" report published by Gartner, Inc. Gartner defines a cool vendor as “a company whose solutions are innovative, impactful and intriguing” for a specific market category. — May 2010
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The Rule of 151: How to Move Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence from Margin to Mainstream
Impatient with modest traction in the public sector, knowledge management (KM) and business intelligence (BI) advocates say “better marketing and PR” are at the top of their wish lists. Ask any five government officials how they might benefit from these business tools, and you’ll get five different answers – or a blank stare. — Feb. 2010
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Frederick software company employee uses resources to help native Haiti
Rosemay Dyer, who once lived in Haiti, but now resides and works in Frederick, shows her Facebook page, which includes a photo of Shirley Rene Denize, a childhood friend who died during the recent earthquake in Haiti. Dyer and her co-workers at Yakabod, a software-building and technology company in downtown Frederick, are now trying to help victims of the earthquake. — Feb. 2010
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PRN Newswire

PR Newswire
Beltway VIPs Break Through Collaboration Barriers
An unlikely mix of intelligence officers, Capitol Hill executives and students gets together 24/7 in a virtual community launched recently by the Delaney Center at Mount St. Mary's University. The invitation-only network links bioterrorism experts, bodyguards, aerospace engineers and academics - plus a variety of federal heavyweights who prefer to keep a low profile. — Jan. 2010
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Gov 2.0 Radio
 Creating Collaboration in Secure Environments
Interview on BlogTalkRadio. Hosts Adriel Hampton and Steve Lunceford discuss enterprise knowledge management and Web 2.0 with Scott Ryser, CEO of Yakabod. — Oct. 2009
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In the briefing room: Yakabod's Yakabox
Senior Analyst Cody Burke: “It is easy to lose sight of the fundamental question an organization should be asking when deploying a knowledge sharing and collaboration tool, that is: ‘how will this tool help my company get work done?’ This often happens because products and tools are segmented into arbitrary and confusing market segments .... A breath of fresh air in this space is Yakabod ...” — Aug. 2009
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Users Not Sharing? Tighten Security!
Interview with Phil Wainewright: "Listen to my interview with Scott Ryser, CEO of Yakabod, whose collaborative knowledge-sharing system is used extensively within the US intelligence community. In this podcast, learn why implementing strong security to protect information is sometimes the key to getting people to start sharing it with others within their organization."
— Aug. 2009
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The AppGap
Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Best Practices from Yakabod
Yakabod has been providing knowledge management solutions since 2003, primarily for the US intelligence community to date. Their flagship product is the Yakabox Knowledge Network. I reviewed it on this blog earlier (see Yakabod Provides Robust Knowledge Management with a Social Side). Like a number of enterprise 2.0 providers, they realize that many of the issues for a successful adoption of their offering are not technical and they have broadened their offerings to include adoption support. I recently spoke with Yakabod CEO Scott Ryser and Ian Bramson, Director National Intelligence Engagements about their experiences helping clients with adoption issues and the services they provide for this effort. — July 2009
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Enterprise 2.0 Blog
Yakabod gets featured at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston.- Alex Dunne
As per Dunne " On the Yakabod booth I met Scott Ryser, the CEO of the company. He told me about the Yakabox, which, unlike the most of the products I saw at E2, is a collaboration appliance. The Yakabox is a hardware-based “knowledge engine” that enables collaboration, social networking, content management and yes, search, within an organization. As an appliance, it has some tough security built in: encryption that passes Federal Information System data security standards, two-factor authentication, and a user permissioning system."
— June 2009
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Portals and KM

Bill Ives Blog
Yakabod Adds a Social Side to Knowledge Management
Yakabod CEO Scott Ryser Featured. — June 2009
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Tech Talk Radio Interview
Craig Peterson interviews Yakabod CEO - Scott Ryser
Are you tired of hunting for, waiting for, and re-creating the information you need to do your job? Well listen in to Scott Ryser the CEO at Yakabod who joins Craig to discuss how they have taken Knowledge Management to the next level with their Yakabox. — June 2009
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Frederick News-Post
Company Simplifies Life
Yakabod's principles: grace, excellence, passion, consistency, integrity. — Feb. 2009
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gazette logo
Yakabod Taps Intelligence Market
Software company develops information sharing network for agencies. — Nov. 2008
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Fed Tech

Fed Tech Bisnow
Last Night's National Security Panel
— Nov. 2008
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Beyond Search
Yakabod’s Knowledge Appliance
— Nov. 2008
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Yakabod Launches Version 3.0
— Oct. 2008
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