Make It Your Own

With Yakabox, you have everything you need to get started and productive right out of box. But it won't be long before your users have a gleam in their eye thinking about some of the more complex challenges Yakabox can help them solve. Yakabox has the tools you need to get real work done every day.

Use What You Have

Yakabox has existing connectors for a range of Intelligence Community infrastructure, custom mission systems, and commercial applications. It can also integrate with just about anything else you have through our web services APIs.

Take It With You

Wherever you go, Yakabox is there. Whether it’s on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you are able to update your status, access your activity stream to see what's happening now, or search for historical content across the entire repository. See something interesting? Drill down using the same panel viewer experience, then comment, start conversations, or drill down to multiple levels.


Yakabox is a knowledge-sharing engine at its best. The program’s certified intelligence agency-grade operating system and application security mean your information is safe and secure. Yakabox also features role-based access and privileges, detailed audit trails, limited data access/visibility to users, and much more.

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Our applications are built using our flexible toolkit, which lets you affordably create solutions to all those underserved business processes that are uniquely your own. Solve the first one, and users almost always identify the next process that’s holding them back. As you can see from these real customer examples, the possibilities are boundless…

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Knowledge Management

Easily find, share, use and manage your core knowledge assets. The answer to all of your questions is right here.

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Detailed Activity Viewer

Follow people, teams, tags, folders, applications, most anything – to see one stream with all relevant activity.

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Find What You Need Fast

Find files quickly - nothing special to configure. Simply enter some keywords and you are searching the entire repository.

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Users & New Teams

Easily locate co-workers with specialized skills, even among thousands of employees. Easily create new teams and roles.

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Access Controls

Provides granular, object-based access controls for data enabling you to protect your sensitive information.

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Manage Events

Create project calendars and view any or all at once. See your personal itinerary and sync with your desktop and your phone.

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Blogs & Microblogs

Share ideas and lessons learned in a one-time blog or an ongoing conversation. Update your status for teammates.

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Roadblocks & Tasks

What's done? What's next? Assign, manage, and view to-dos with due dates and reminders for you and your team.

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