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Yakabox is customizable to fit your organization's specific and individual needs. Because of this, the feature-rich software is heavy on usefulness, but easy to learn and use. These features are designed to help your organization reach new levels of success.

Knowledge Management

Easily find, share, use, and manage your core knowledge assets. Is this the latest version? Who's the author? Who else is interested in this topic? It's all right here. Drill down, branch out, check in/check out, solicit, or add comments with a couple of clicks. Use global folders, create and manage your own, or both. Track critical content with read-by reports and audit trails.

Activity Viewer

Know what you know at a glance. Follow people, teams, tags, folders, applications, most anything – to see one stream with all the relevant activity from your organization as it happens, including things you didn't even know existed. Use the Matter Meter™ to refine your scope, so you can look at the things that matter, or quickly narrow it down to only what matters most. Trending topics let you quickly gauge what's hot right now in your universe. Click on anything to open the panel viewer, learn more, and/or take action.


Keep it together. Put an event on the calendar, and SeeAlso the PowerPoints, the blog of planning discussions, the resulting tasks, and background documents. Or find a candidate's resume, and discover SeeAlso’s to the interview results, a blog with reference discussions, and the salary discussions that only you and the CFO can see. Discover the SeeAlsos in activity alerts or search results, and add more if you like.


Don't know where it is? Find it quick. There's nothing special to configure. Simply enter some keywords and you are searching the entire repository. Intelligence Community-grade, object level security ensures you only get results you are allowed to see. Use filters on tags, teams, date ranges, folders, content types, applications, and more, to quickly narrow your search. Explore results just like you would in Activity Viewer – click on anything to open the panel viewer, learn more, and/or take action.

Access Controls

Share with confidence. Manage access on any object. Use team and container defaults to cover “normal” cases. Restrict by credentials, such as classifications, compartments, ECIs, or dissemination controls, or restrict by team membership or identity. Or both. Don't worry about where you publish it - because people only see it if they are allowed to, no matter where they are looking.


Manage team, project, or organizational events just like everything else. Create individual, team, and/or project calendars and view any or all at once. See your personal itinerary and sync with your desktop and your phone. Send meeting invitations embedded with SeeAlso links to the agenda, background reading, spreadsheets, and any other relevant items – then check the log to see who actually opens them.

Users and Teams

Find people, skills, and expertise. Now it's easy to locate co-workers with specialized skills, even among thousands of employees. Search and filter your talent search by name, department, skill set, experience, special interests. Integrate with existing personnel directories or management systems. Easily create new teams and roles around organizations, missions, working groups, skill areas … or all of the them.

Blogs and Microblogs

Save that thought. Share ideas, insights, images and lessons learned in a one-time blog or an ongoing conversation. Update your status to keep teammates in the loop or browse the history to generate your weekly report. Capture the gist of phone calls or meetings, then SeeAlso to related documents or applications. Pass information between shifts, working groups, or transition teams.


Yakabox is a knowledge sharing engine at its best. The program’s certified intelligence agency-grade operating system and application security mean your information is safe and secure. Yakabox also features role-based access and privileges, detailed audit trails, limited data access/visibility to users, and much more.

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