How to Buy

We know the importance of having a secure, customizable platform, which is why we created Yakabox. The security and knowledge sharing capabilities you need, right at your fingertips. We make it simple to bring Yakabox to your organization.

Needs Assessment

When creating a custom solution to the problems your organization faces, it is absolutely essential that we understand the problems your facing. The more thoroughly we understand the problems, the better we can create a solution to solve them. That is why the first step to getting Yakabox implemented for your organization is to have a discussion around the technical and procedural issues you are trying to solve. 

Planning & Proposal

Once we understand the challenges your organization faces, we assess the best way to meet your needs so you and your team will have an optimal version of Yakabox right out of the gate. Once we have the gameplan together, we will work through the proposal with you to ensure we have all the right facts and have a plan in place that will meet your needs.


Once we have customized Yakabox to fit your needs, we deploy the solution on premise, ensuring the security and continuity of your data. Whether we roll out the system to a subset of your team or the whole organization, our team will work with you to get Yakabox seamlessly integrated into your current intrastructure. 

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to see how Yakabox can help you and your organization, contact us today.



How is it deployed?

  • Virtual Machine
  • On-Premise Hardware

What is the timeline?

  • Pilot/Operational Assessment Ready in Just Weeks

Which Contract Vehicles Are You Under?

  • Cage Code – 3B8Z3
  • DUNS# - 122367571
  • Offers some solutions that qualify within the Federal Simplified Acquisition Thresholds
  • Sole-Source contracting available
  • Multiple existing prime contract vehicles within the federal government, DoD, and IC community
  • Employs a cadre of fully cleared engineers for onsite support as needed
  • Multiple partner GWACs available
  • DCAA Approved Accounting System
  • IC 503 Accredited
  • Approved within GovCloud and C2S environments

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