Part application and workflow builder, part collaboration engine, part Enterprise 2.0, part knowledge and content manager - and more - Yakabox is completely customizable with the tools you need to get real work done.

This doesn’t mean you should have to compromise security for features. While other programs that offer knowledge and content management are heavy on features and options, they might be light on protecting your organization’s sensitive information.

With Yakabox, you never have to sacrifice quality for security.

Unfortunately, we live in a world today where hackers attack organizations, just like yours, in an effort to obtain sensitive, regulated, and proprietary data. Sadly, it’s not just outside hackers your organization has to worry about – some members of your own organization, whether knowingly or unknowingly, can share sensitive information.

You have so many things on your plate already, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take “worry about security” off your list? With Yakabox, you can. Yakabox features intelligence agency-certified security, as well as access controls. Not only is your organization’s information secure, you can also limit employees’ access to information based on need.

Appropriate protections reduce risk for your organization. Let Yakabox provide those protections for you.

Technology Overview

  • Prevent unauthorized external access through a hardened software appliance. Provide a “secure wrapper” around all incident data.
  • Ensure users of the system only see, access, and modify records they are permitted to see. Provide “need-to-know” access to and editing of records and data within the system.
  • Protect the integrity of incident data and provide audit trails to demonstrate that integrity. Act as a “system-of-record” for incidents and associated data.

5 Factors of Knowledge Management Failure

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Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Many times a well-meaning piece of technology can turn into a toxic management problem for everyone involved. Are your spreadsheets becoming overly-complex?

Make It Your Own

With Yakabox, you have everything you need to get started and productive right out of box. But it won't be long before your users have a gleam in their eye thinking about some of the more complex challenges Yakabox can help them solve. Yakabox has the tools you need to get real work done every day.

Use What You Have

Yakabox has existing connectors for a range of Intelligence Community infrastructure, custom mission systems, and commercial applications. It can also integrate with just about anything else you have through our web services APIs.

Take It With You

Wherever you go, Yakabox is there. Whether it’s on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you are able to update your status, access your activity stream to see what's happening now, or search for historical content across the entire repository. See something interesting? Drill down using the same panel viewer experience, then comment, start conversations, or drill down to multiple levels.