Everything you need to get started. Fully tailorable to your mission.

Everything you need. Yakabox is part application and workflow builder, part collaboration engine, part Enterprise 2.0, part knowledge and content manager, part several more buzzwords. But we aren't building Yakabox to fit somebody's buzzwords. We're just building the tools you need to get real work done and power your mission to breakthrough.

Core Features

Help you manage basic task, project, and information sharing tasks in a social collaborative environment right out the box - so you can get started quick.

Use What You Have

As you move more mission operations onto the platform, Yakabox easily integrates with all your existing systems - data repositories, transactional applications, legacy systems - through robust web services APIs.

Make It Your Own

As you learn from your users, you can tailor your Yakabox to specific missions using features like Applications, Workflows, and Pages.

Take It With You

Mobile and desktop applications provide a rich client experience and secure remote access to your Yakabox from a variety of devices. Need some rich data visualization? Or some Ozone widgets? We can help, or you can write your own. Your tech team has access to the same API's we use for our standard mobile client apps.


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