Yakabox Mobile and Desktop applications bring rich client features to your favorite devices.


Yakabox Mobile for iPad/iPhone

Yakabox Mobile v1 for iPhone is currently available in the App Store on iTunes.  Yakabox Mobile v2 is now in beta for both iPhone and iPad. Set up access to multiple Yakabox instances from your mobile device and switch between them. Update your status. Access your activity stream to see what's happening now, or search for historical content across the entire repository. See something interesting? Drill down using the same panel viewer experience, then comment, start conversations, or drill down to multiple levels.

Yakabox Desktop Client

Yakabox Desktop v2 is now available in beta for Mac and Windows. Yakabox Desktop is similar to the Mobile client, but adds key desktop integration features. Quickly publish multiple documents using drag and drop bulk upload - Yakabox will even create an identical (nested) folder structure if you want.  Check in/check out through Yakabox Desktop to open Office documents transparently in the native app (e.g. Word or Excel). Then automatically save updates back to the Yakabox as new document versions. Yakabox Desktop is available with every appliance or hosted solution delivery, so users can download the application right from the platform.

Yakabox Mobile for other devices

Yakabox Mobile v1 is currently available for Blackberry on request. Yakabox Mobile v2 will be released on Android or other platforms based upon customer request. 

Build your own client application

Need some rich data visualization on key mission data that will work better in a desktop app than a web environment? Need to pull some of your Yakabox data or activity into other display frameworks like Ozone? Using our web services APIs, you can readily build your own desktop or mobile client apps or integrate Yakabox with existing mobile mission apps. You have access to the same set we use to integrate all of our standard client applications with the Yakabox. Or if you need something different in the API's, we'll generally respond to custom requests.



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