No need to start over. Yakabox integrates, aggregates and socializes your existing systems.

Make the most of data tucked away in stovepiped applications. Share information from your existing IT assets - mission systems, data warehouses, transactional applications, file stores - through a web services connection to your Yakabox. Our web services APIs readily integrate, aggregate, and socialize existing assets into the knowledge sharing environment, so you can leverage them in new applications, workflows, alerts, summary pages, search, SeeAlsos and more.

Yakabox has exisiting connectors for a range of Intelligence Community infrastructure, custom mission systems, and commercial applications. And it can integrate with just about anything else you have through our web services APIs.

We understand you've probably had a bad experience integrating certain other technologies into your enterprise. We've been in those meetings too, where the development team shows up with 10 people and 20 reasons why they'll need a contract mod and 6-9 months of high-dollar consultants just to build a prototype. No worries - it's going to be a whole lot simpler with your Yakabox. When we build Yakabox connectors, we're typically thinking about weeks, and normally just a few. With a little training from our integration team, you'll soon be building them just as quickly yourself, if you prefer.

Yakabox Integration

Examples already deployed to production

  • IC enterprise authenticator services for PKI login (on multiple networks)
  • LDAP and other directory services
  • IC enterprise alerts system for specific custom alerts by location and organization
  • Custom IC mission applications
  • Commercial transactional applications
  • Outlook/iCal/Mail
  • Sharepoint

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