Less time managing the shared drive, more time managing what matters.

Powerful software is impressive. But if it’s not easy to use in addition to being powerful, it can quickly become more frustrating than helpful. After all, no matter how impressive a tool is, it’s only effective when it’s used correctly.

For shared drives, too, ease-of-use is essential. Regardless of capability, if users aren’t able to easily navigate a shared drive interface, file and folder structures will quickly become convoluted, making collaboration more difficult and security more tenuous.

YakaDrive is designed to make shared drive management easy. With an intuitive interface, comprehensive access control, and seamless setup, it’s a powerful shared drive solution that’s also easy to use, so you’ll be able to maximize its capabilites.

 Here’s what you’ll get with YakaDrive.

Seamless Setup

Transitioning from one shared drive to another can be tedious, especially if there’s a vast amount of data that needs to be migrated. The transition to YakaDrive, however, is seamless.

 Through the use of data migration tools, file structure and setup on existing shared drives can be maintained and optimized easily during transfer, ensuring that functionality and access levels are maintained to reduce the occurrence of downtime.

In addition to transferring files, outdated files can be easily tagged and archived, ensuring that folders are as clean and uncluttered as possible in the wake of the transition.

Quicker Training and Onboarding

Implementing any piece of new software at an organizational level means carving out valuable time to provide training on its functionality. And after implementation, whenever new users are onboarded onto the system, training time can delay their ability to serve the team.

 The harder a system is to use, the steeper the learning curve toward its effectiveness, and the more time that’s required for training during implementation and onboarding.

Because YakaDrive is easy-to-use, training time is reduced as much as possible. That saves time for managers and new shared drive users alike and gives teams the resources they need to share files and collaborate efficiently without spending valuable resources on excessive training time.

Easily Share Large Files

The inability to share large files can make collaboration difficult – especially when those files are critical to the completion of a task at hand. It’s essential that teams are able to access the files and data involved in their work. In a remote or dispersed context, large file sharing is even more critical.

YakaDrive includes the capacity to not only handle and store large files, but also to securely share them. No more sending unsecured links or using tedious workarounds; with YakaDrive, it’s as simple as uploading, downloading, and sharing the file.

Granular Access Control

Finally, YakaDrive offers granular access control capabilities that make user management and file protections simple to customize and implement.

Using both user-level and object level controls, YakaDrive enables teams to specify at the most granular levels the permission settings that individual files and users have. Additionally, the system tracks all activity and allows for customized alerts on any suspicious actions, making security seamless.

Make Your Shared Drive Easier

For teams to work effectively, it’s essential that they can use shared drive easily and quickly, without the unnecessary hurdles that come from unwieldy and cumbersome software. 

YakaDrive makes shared drive use and management easy.

It’s designed with the user in mind, granting access to technology that’s been proven in the high-pressure environments of federal agencies – and, today, it’s available to non-federal organizations, too, 

Don’t slow down your teams with software that’s convoluted and inefficient. Choose an easy-to-use shared drive solution that ensures quick and efficient access to the files and data that drive mission-critical work.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free demo of YakaDrive and see how it can make shared drive use and management easier for your team.

Best Practices for File Management

No software can keep your files clean, but YakaDrive can help. Object level access controls mean you don't need to store multiple copies of the document in multiple folders just to solve permissions issues. 

Looking for A Shared Drive Replacement?

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