A Better Way to Store and Share Your Organization's Files

With YakaDrive's comprehensive security, access controls, and customization, there's no reason why your organization needs to continue using a shared drive that doesn't fit your needs.

Comprehensive Security

Boasts a certified, intelligence agency-grade operating system, full HTML5 interface without Flash or Java, strong password and TOTP-based, two-factor authentication, and more. Best of all it provides comprehensive audit trails so you can see who's been doing what with the content.

Customization That Fits You

Each organization has its own needs and requirements. With most shared drives, the organization is stuck having to work with the program instead of the program working for them. YakaDrive is customizable to fit the needs of you and your organization.

Sharing & Collaboration

Access to, visibility, and editing of data can be appropriately limited by roles and sensitivity classification privileges. YakaDrive includes a lightweight messaging platform for secure, out-of-band communication, as well as secure, email-based notifications of status, activity, and messages.

Access Controls

YakaDrive provides the capability to provide granular, object-based access controls for data, create custom classifications and secure your enterprise. Using these controls, YakaDrive enables users with the ability to precisely protect and preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information stored in YakaDrive, while at the same time permitting the shared access and collaboration needed for productive, effective work.

Ease of Use

YakaDrive was built with the user in mind. While it has many complex features, it’s easy to learn how to use. The ease of use for YakaDrive not only helps everyone get on board faster, but also affords users the opportunity to spend time on managing the shared data and not managing the management program.

Large-File Sharing

How many times have you tried to send or download a file from a shared drive, and find the file is too large? Creating ways around this issue wind up costing you time, energy, and money. With YakaDrive, your shared drive is set up to not only handle large files, but to be able to share them as well.


YakaDrive is the tool you need to help secure the enterprise. Built on SELinux, the US intelligence agency-grade operating system, the solution is rich with secuity features for your agency to keep your data safe and secure. YakaDrive also includes features like role-based access and privileges, detailed audit trails, object-based access, encryption at rest, and much more. 

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YakaDrive was purpose-built to provide a comprehensive, shared working repository for your data for highly-secure environments. Part of the secuity of YakaDrive is the integration into your SSO and access mnagement systems, as well as another other systems and networks you use. This secure shared drive is customizable to fit your specific needs and requirements, and comes with cleared, on-site support, because there’s no replacement for being able to talk to a real person who will seamlessly migrate you away from your current shared drive nightmare.

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