Stop wasting time on large file sharing workarounds.

 Traditionally, sharing large files has been difficult.

 That’s because most shared drive systems aren’t equipped to handle large files. They cause resource bandwidth issues and sometimes even security issues upon storage and sharing. Consequently, instead of sharing large files, some shared drive systems might share the link to the file as opposed to the file itself. Alternatively, they might require tedious uploads, downloads, or other workarounds.

 All of the time spent maneuvering workarounds is time that should be spent productively. Your organization shouldn’t be handcuffed when it comes to large file sharing.

With YakaDrive, you won’t be.

Storage and Sharing

Some shared drive solutions are built to store large files, but don’t allow for easy sharing of those files once they’ve been added to the system. 

YakaDrive is well-equipped to store large files, but it’s also built to make sharing them easy. No more sending file paths or third party links that compromise security and disrupt workflow. 

Instead, YakaDrive users can share the files within the system, directly with the individuals and teams who need to access them.

Large File Access Control

And speaking of access: YakaDrive offers granular access control capabilities that make user management and file protections simple to customize and implement even for large files.

Using both user-level and object level controls, YakaDrive enables teams to specify at the most granular levels the permission settings that individual files and users have. Additionally, the system tracks all activity and allows for customized alerts on any suspicious actions, making large file security seamless.

Intelligence-Grade Security

Storing or sharing large files has traditionally represented a security risk – especially if third-party workarounds are required. With YakaDrive, large files are protected in an environment that’s built with intelligence-grade security in mind. 

Built on SE Linux with a full HTML 5 interface and incorporating security protocols like two-factor authentication and immutable audit trails, YakaDrive keeps large files safe when they’re shared or at rest.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your large files don’t pose security risks to your organization.

Get a Shared Drive That Makes Large File Sharing Easy

Your organization deserves a shared drive that won’t slow you down. You shouldn’t have to bend your people and processes into a consumer-grade solution that’s not equipped to handle mission-critical large files.

With YakaDrive, you won’t have to.

To get the most from your shared drive solution, get in touch. The technology behind YakaDrive has been proven in the high-pressure environments of federal agencies, and it’s designed make large file sharing effortless. 

Stop wasting time on large file workarounds. Get in touch to schedule your demo of YakaDrive today.

Best Practices for File Management

No software can keep your files clean, but YakaDrive can help. Object level access controls mean you don't need to store multiple copies of the document in multiple folders just to solve permissions issues. 

Looking for A Shared Drive Replacement?

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