How to Buy

We know the importance of having a secure shared drive, which is why we created YakaDrive. The security and storage you need, to secure your enterprise. We have talked to hundreds of workgroups about Yakabox and every one of them, somewhere in the conversation, talked about their share drive problem. 

First Step, Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to see how YakaDrive can help you and your organization, contact us today.

We'll Do A Demo

Then you'll be ready to see how YakaDrive works and we'll give you the demo of the platform and talk about the needs of your agency or organization. If everything moves forward, we'll likely do a pilot.

Pilot Deployments

When you're ready to give YakaDrive a test in your environment, we can setup a multi-month pilot program that includes the first round of integrations and customizations into your environment with your needs.

Secure The Enterprise

When you're ready to take the project to your full audience we can setup the agreement that makes the most sense for your agency. From here, there is no limit to securing the data that drives your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is it Deployed?

YakaDrive is deployed usually in one of two options for your agency. 

  • Virtual Machine
  • On-Premises Hardware

What is the Timeline?

  • Pilot/Operational Assessment Ready in Just Weeks


Which Contract Vehicles Are You Under?

Various contracting options are available with a company that is ready for contracting within your environment. It’s simple, secure, and compliant:

  •  Cage Code – 3B8Z3
  • DUNS# - 122367571
  • Offers some solutions that qualify within the Federal Simplified Acquisition Thresholds
  • Sole-Source contracting available
  • Multiple existing prime contract vehicles within the federal government, DoD, and IC community
  • Employs a cadre of fully cleared engineers for onsite support as needed
  • Multiple partner GWACs available
  • DCAA Approved Accounting System
  • IC 503 Accredited
  • Approved within GovCloud and C2S environments

Best Practices for File Management

No software can keep your files clean, but YakaDrive can help. Object level access controls mean you don't need to store multiple copies of the document in multiple folders just to solve permissions issues. 

Looking for A Shared Drive Replacement?

How happy are you with your organization's shared drive? Is it secure? Does it do what you need? Do you have a shared drive problem? It's time to look for a replacement.