YakaDrive is designed to make shared drives secure. 

Shared drives are foundational to work getting done.

Organizational teams rely on shared drives to access files, share information, and collaborate. Without shared drives, work doesn’t happen.

That fact, coupled with the continuing increase in cybercrime, means that security on a shared drive is essential. Unfortunately, too many shared drive solutions rely on consumer-grade security that leaves organizational files unsecure. Those solutions may work for sharing personal photos. They aren’t ideal for sharing mission-critical assets.

More secure file sharing is needed. That’s where YakaDrive comes in.

Here’s how YakaDrive ensures secure file sharing, allowing teams like yours to perform their jobs at higher levels of efficiency with greater collaboration, assured in the knowledge that their files are comprehensively secured.

Securely Built on SE Linux with a Full HTML5 Interface

YakaDrive is built on SE Linux and designed according to the same level of security that goes into technology and processes developed for, deployed at, and certified by U.S. Federal Intelligence Agencies.

SE Linux was first developed by the NSA. It’s a proven foundation that’s constructed to enforce the separation of information according to integrity and confidentiality requirements. Accordingly, its effect is to greatly reduce threats of tampering or skirting the security mechanisms in place within the application that ensure malicious threats are contained.

HTML5 reduces vulnerability in application usage by requiring the use of fewer resources along with a wider compatibility as compared to Flash or Java.

Secure Access Management

For a shared drive solution to be truly secure, secure access management is crucial. Users of the drive must know that the right people are able to access files and data – and the wrong ones aren’t. That requires levels of customization that consumer-grade solutions aren’t designed to handle.

YakaDrive is built for secure access control. Access is customizable down to the user and file level. From role-based permissions granting or restricting access to teams or users, to object-based permissions that secure files at the most granular level, YakaDrive is designed with security in mind.

Two Factor Authentication

YakaDrive also incorporates two-factor authentication to reduce the threat of a breach.

Two factor authentication enhances the security of user credentials, minimizing the chances that an account could be compromised by requiring separate layers of secure credentials for login. It’s an essential component of secure file sharing.

Immutable Records and Detailed Audit Trails

Finally, and best of all, YakaDrive provides comprehensive audit trails so that you can have full insight into who has accessed what.

On a granular level, YakaDrive monitors the individual users that access each file, and the files that each user accesses. Additionally, YakaDrive also features the ability to create customized alerts so that system admins can be notified of any suspicious or abnormal user behavior. This way, they’re able to minimize the risk of a breach by taking steps before it ever happens.

At the end of the day, this means that you can fully rely on the knowledge that your files are secure. YakaDrive is secure file sharing you can trust.

Keep Your Shared Drive Safe.

Your organization shouldn’t have to worry about unsecure shared drives. You should be able to rely on a secure file sharing solution that protects your mission-critical assets and ensures your team has what they need to succeed.

If you’re tired of worrying about security on your shared drive, it’s time to switch to YakaDrive.

YakaDrive’s technology has been proven in the high-pressure environments of federal agencies – and, today, it’s available to non-federal organizations, too.

Don’t leave the security of your organization’s files to chance. Choose a secure file sharing solution that ensures your team stays safe.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free demo of YakaDrive, the shared drive solution that you can trust to keep your files secure.

Best Practices for File Management

No software can keep your files clean, but YakaDrive can help. Object level access controls mean you don't need to store multiple copies of the document in multiple folders just to solve permissions issues. 

Looking for A Shared Drive Replacement?

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