YakaDrive is built for team communication.

A shared drive is meant to be collaborative. That’s implied in the name of the tool.

Unfortunately, too many shared drive solutions can hinder collaboration as much as they help it. With issues like convoluted folder structures, cumbersome permission settings, or a lack of large file sharing capability, many consumer-grade shared drives can cause frustration when the time comes to collaborate on mission-critical work. 

It shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we built YakaDrive with team communication in mind.

YakaDrive is designed to make collaboration secure and seamless, with structures to support orderly file organization and powerful capabilities including messaging, custom alerts, and more. It’s a shared drive that’s made for teams to easily share and access data the way they need to – all in a secure interface that’s been pressure tested in high-level, intelligence-grade environments.

YakaDrive makes sharing and collaboration seamless. Here’s how.


YakaDrive is designed to be intuitive, which is a critical characteristic of any collaborative tool.

It’s built with an appealing web interface that minimizes the need for extensive user training and makes sharing straightforward. And, it can be implemented using automated tools that carry over existing role permissions and file structures, meaning that teams can pick up right where they need to after setup.

Access Control

For collaboration and sharing to happen most effectively, teams need to trust that the right parties will be able to access files – and that the wrong parties won’t be able to.

YakaDrive is designed to enable granular levels of access control, making collaboration more secure and efficient.

Permissions can be set on a file level, meaning that users can trust the security of mission-critical assets. Additionally, role-based permissions enable users to access the files or data associated with their roles and teams. In combination, this level of access control helps YakaDrive users to collaborate effectively and securely.

Messaging Capability

Additionally, YakaDrive comes equipped with a secure, out-of-band messaging platform that allows for conversation and notes around files and folders to enhance collaboration.

Having this capability inside of the system helps. Instead of having to communicate across separate channels, YakaDrive users can remain within the secure system of the shared drive. This increases efficiency, invites collaboration, and ensures that all communication is secured.

Customizable Email Notifications

Finally, YakaDrive offers the capability to build out customizable email notifications, ensuring that information is delivered when it needs to be.

Notifications can be customized around statuses, activity, messages, and more. Using this feature, teams can receive updates when new versions of files are uploaded or ensure that they don’t miss a messaging reply. This way, the conversation doesn’t get cut off and the collaborative work keeps moving forward.

Collaborate and Share More Effectively with YakaDrive.

Disconnected systems, disorganized files, and unsecure platforms can cost you time and money. It’s time to switch to a better shared drive that makes collaboration easy.

Don’t wait.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free demo of the YakaDrive shared drive solution and experience the difference collaboration and sharing can make for yourself.

Remove the barriers to communication and simplify your sharing to make teamwork easier.

Let’s take your shared drive to the next level.

Best Practices for File Management

No software can keep your files clean, but YakaDrive can help. Object level access controls mean you don't need to store multiple copies of the document in multiple folders just to solve permissions issues. 

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