Custom configure Yakabox to the unique needs of your most demanding missions.

Move critical processes out of email, Joe's spreadsheet or Sally's head ...

Yakabox has everything you need to get started and get productive right out of box. But it won't be long before your users have a gleam in their eye thinking about some of the more complex challenges Yakabox can help them solve. Yakabox has the tools you need to get real work done everyday.


You can set up teams by organizational structure or users can self organize around topics, working groups, or functional teams. And when you're scrambling to startup that new mission, you can easily stand up more teams to provide a convenient workspace in minutes. Team leaders (or other roles you allow) can create and manage their own team folders, blogs, calendars, manage members, set default access controls, and more. Best of all, your new team is fully integrated with the platform as soon as it's created - meaning it's already searchable and delivering activity alerts to those across the enterprise interested and allowed to see them.


Activity streams are widespread in commercial/consumer web apps - but some Government users just aren't ready for that user experience yet. So you can easily create your own portal-like pages - using a convenient drag and drop page builder tool - to get them started. Protect pages like any other object or leave them open, since all the dynamic content on a page is also protected. Drop a widget to display documents from certain folder or entries from a certain blog - and visitors only see documents they're allowed to see. Of course, all that content you're sharing on your snazzy new pages provides all the Yakabox functionality you expect - like SeeAlsos to related content, activity alerts on updates, revision history and audit trails. One customer deployed pages as a way to share mission data with internal stakeholders - and quickly discovered their data was critical to more stakeholders across the enterprise than they imagined. While we'd never pitch Yakabox as a standalone website builder - you're looking at it right now since we run our corporate websites on it. (Want something even more tailored to your mission? You can also use Yakabox APIs to bring all the proven infrastructure into any page or app you envision.)


Yakabox custom apps look and work like everything else on the platform. You won't spend hours in class figuring out how to use them or months on billable bodies to create them. Inviting members to a new app works just like creating a new team. Create new resource types with drag and drop builder tools to specify structured or lightly structured form data like free or validated text, select lists, drop downs, SeeAlsos, and more. Set up custom web forms for user data entry or use defaults through Do Stuff. Build and share reports with an intuitive filtering display. Use tabular formats for dynamic sort and edit in place. Or display and filter data on calendars, in lists, or export to a spreadsheet. Naturally, Apps are fully integrated so you can create related blogs/folders/calendars, set access controls on individual resources (e.g. table rows), and find everything in search. Since new or updated entries are instantly socialized, users naturally start contributing wisdom, experiences, connections and other relevant corporate knowledge that would have walked out the door each night.


Clean up messy, repetitive processes by using another drag and drop tool to build custom workflows around apps that convert ad hoc procedures into structured multi-step processes you can track, measure, and socialize. Preview workflows in design mode, then test and refine as you incrementally deploy. Best of all, there's nothing new for users to learn - actions simply show up as roadblocks in their activity viewer, where they can take action right in place. Automate all those routine, but important, tasks you currently manage on spreadsheets or through email.


Customers use Pages, Apps, and Workflows to "make it their own" with a whole range of critical mission and support processes. Recent examples include:

  • Troubleshooting Guide (for custom built hardware)
  • Proposal Center
  • Project Tracker
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Personnel Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Partner Capabilities Catalog
  • Senior Delegation Visit Process
  • Cross-Community Policy and Strategy
  • Special Clearance Tracker

We use it ourselves for:

  • Recruiting Pipeline
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Agile Software Backlog
  • Custom Deployment Support
  • Special Projects
  • and many more

Standard App Bundles

Yakabox also comes pre-loaded with some standard applications/workflows that prove useful to most deployments. You can use them as-is or refine them to fit your environment. These apps include:

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert lets colleagues across the enterprise tap into the talent and experience people carry around in their heads. Pose your question, and monitor replies from suggested experts and others with an interest. Publish helpful answers, include SeeAlsos, or find similar topics in search.

Issue Tracker

Manage your agile Yakabox implementation project right on the box! Submit new feature requests and collaborate on the requirements, track users stories, report potential integration issues, and monitor progress of the latest release.

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