Keep Vendor Risks at Bay

Yakabod Vendor Security Review (VSR) Manager keeps you in control of your growing security evaluation volume.

Managing the Rise of Third-Party Software

Modern enterprises are rapidly expanding their use of cloud-based SaaS products and other solutions. If not properly vetted, each piece of new software represents potentially unacceptable risks and vulnerabilities that could be exploited. When purchasing many products from new vendors, CISOs, risk management leaders, and information security teams must find a way to evaluate them in a systematic and scalable way. 

Confidentiality for Every Review

Keep your evaluations on a need-to-know basis. Take advantage of standards that were designed for the most rigorous national security use cases. Yakabod Vendor Security Review Manager ensures compliance and keeps you ready for an audit, protects sensitive data in one central location, stays compliant with vendor NDAs, and reduces the potential for disclosing vulnerabilities and risks.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Track and manage each review in a comprehensive record designed for your organization. The VSR Manager ensures that you see every detail for every vendor.

Set Your Review Process on Autopilot

The VSR Manager helps you get through your queue with speed and accuracy. Automate repetitive tasks and streamline manual processes.

Take Control of Vendor Risks