Separate + Secure Your Incident Data

Yakabod Cyber Incident Manager (formerly CISOBox) gives higher education, enterprise and government CISOs all the tools they need to keep their institution safe.

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CISOs Need a Safe Place to Run Investigations

Colleges and universities and other organizations face more internal and external cybersecurity threats than ever before. Without purpose-built tools to manage those cyber incidents, CISOs and information security teams are forced to rely on general purpose business workflow or incident management software that leaves sensitive materials exposed – and their institutions at risk.

Keep Every Document Under Lock + Key

Remove any opportunity for unauthorized users to view sensitive data. The Cyber Incident Manager (formerly CISOBox) provides complete isolation and protection for important documents and conversations.

One Platform for Your Most Important Cases

The Cyber Incident Manager organizes cyber incident data on one searchable and collaborative platform. No email attachments necessary.

Find Every Trendline

Gone are the days of manual reporting. The Cyber Incident Manager generates actionable dashboards and reports at the push of a button.

Effortless Compliance

Take advantage of standards that were designed for the most rigorous national security use cases. Yakabod Cyber Incident Manager ensures compliance and keeps you ready for an audit.

Give Your Cyber Incidents the Attention They Deserve