If You Can Manage It, We Can Streamline It

Yakabod’s modular platform makes it easy to configure custom case management apps for any workflow that demands confidentiality.

Personnel Management

Background Investigations

Lab Testing

Design-Build Processes

Anything Worth Protecting

No Code Necessary

Stop using general purpose software for high-value tasks. Yakabod’s existing architecture makes it easy to spin up low-code and no-code solutions to meet your requirements. Instead of spending months building a custom app from the ground up, Yakabod can help you deploy a new case management platform in a matter of days.

With You Every Step of the Way

Yakabod’s team of design experts will work with you to understand your needs and craft a purpose-built solution. Whatever you’re managing, we can find a way to make the process faster and more secure.

A Premium Solution without the Premium Price Tag

When you work with Yakabod to build your own case management software, you benefit from economies of scale. We reconfigure our existing set of tools to address your particular use case. Simply put: that’s much faster, cheaper, and more effective than doing it yourself.

Security is Foundational

Yakabod is built on the world’s most secure case management software, accredited by intelligence agencies and industry leaders. Your custom case management solution benefits from every security feature included in the platform, like granular access controls, audit trails, and encryption. System of record functionality ensures confidentiality and integrity leveraging frameworks such as NIST, NITFF, CMMC, GLBA, NISPOM, ISO/IEC 2700 and 21 CFR Part 11.