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Yakabod is the best-kept secret in secure case management. For over 22 years customers have benefited from our best-of-breed products born out of the federal community that are purpose-built, validated, and tested in the most secure environments. Yakabod specializes in the unique needs for secure and centralized documenting, knowledge management, reporting, and out-of-band communication while ensuring privacy and collaboration in cases such as Insider Threat, Cyber Incident Response, Counter-Intelligence, and other enterprise custom use cases found in environments like Infosec, R&D, research and investigations.

Security-Centered Design

We got our start developing information-sharing platforms for multiple agencies in the U.S. intelligence community and Department of Defense. As we expand our technology to serve other organizations, integrity and confidentiality remain our foundational design principles.

Meet Our Team

Yakabod is led by technology pioneers, security experts, and outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly looking for new ways to serve their customers and build secure and scalable solutions.

Scott Ryser
Founder + CEO

Scott Williamson Founder + CTO

Andy Lewis
Chief Revenue Officer + EVP Ventures

John Thorhauer
Vice President of Software Development

Dug Sohn
Director of User Experience

Chris Larsson
Director of System Operations

Dan Coffey
Director of Product Delivery

Carole Heine
Director of Customer Success

Karla Tobin
Director of Marketing

Crystal Stucker
Director of Finance and Operations

We’re always looking for talented, principled people to join our dynamic team.

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