Case Management Software for Security-Driven Enterprises

You shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your data and managing your caseload.

Specialized Teams Deserve Specialized Software

General purpose workflow tools make it easy to share information and communicate across your organization. But they’re not so great at handling confidential information. The Yakabod platform is designed with a security-first architecture to support teams that manage highly sensitive investigations, incidents, and cases. Our customized (and customizable) applications help you save time while protecting your data.

Take Control of your investigations

Consolidate and securely manage cyber incidents

Deploy new case management workflows with no-code

Granular access controls


Safegaurd your most sensitive data with granular access controls

low-code no-code custom case management


Low-code, no-code customization reduces costs & delays

intiutive UX design


Create, assign, track, audit, measure and automate workflows

automate written and data reports


Custom dashboards for fast and efficient insights

Keep Your Data Secure + Separate

Security isn’t something you can add when you need it. That’s why we baked it in from day one. Yakabod includes granular access controls, a hardened appliance, and system-of record capability with every deployment.

Born in national intelligence.
Raised in enterprise security.

Yakabod’s secure case management platform was originally developed for the highest-security intelligence environments in the world. Now we’re using that same technology to empower business leaders, higher education institutions, and government agencies. Yakabod consistently meets the highest standards for product security.

Work Faster. Work Safer.