The Yakabod Platform

Secure case management has never been this intuitive.
Yakabod is a modular software system that makes your work easier and keeps your data safe. Built on top of our secure stack, including the SE Linux operating system and object-level access controls, each of our case management applications shares the same hardened software appliance.

Purpose-Built Products

We’ve worked alongside our enterprise, government, and higher-ed customers to develop highly efficient case management solutions using the Yakabod platform. Don’t see an application that fits your needs? Check out our no-code customization process and ask us about our custom solutions.

Designed for Need-to-Know Investigations + Incidents

Can’t trust Salesforce or ServiceNow with your most sensitive information? Yakabod provides a confidential, efficient, visual, and compliant framework to manage cases with complete peace of mind.

Enforces Confidentiality + Integrity

Collaboration and security don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Get your team on the same page with a single, centralized information repository, customizable workflows, and automated notifications.

Automated Reports + Dashboards

See your progress at a glance. Yakabod dashboards provide instant insights and searchable evidence to make reports and analysis a breeze.

Compliance + Audit Trails Come Standard

Yakabod fits into your compliance requirements—not the other way around. Once it’s set up for your organization’s policies and procedures, you’ll always be ready for your next audit.

Key Features

  • Secure Storage + File Sharing
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Hardened Virtual Appliance
  • System-of-Record + Audit
  • In-App Communications
  • Encryption at Rest + in Transit
  • Access Controls (Role + Attribute-Based)
  • Edit or Fully Customize
  • Automate Process (e.g. Review + Approve)
  • Alerts + Notifications
  • Integrations with popular collaboration tools
  • Shared Records + Documents
  • Secure Messaging + Real-Time Chat
  • Document Commenting
  • Activity Viewer
  • Follow Notifications
  • Out-of-band-communication

Custom Configurable

  • REST
  • CRUD
  • JSON
  • Multi-Record Data Structures(Enables Case Hierarchies+ Linking)
  • Enterprise Indexing
  • Supports Structured +Unstructured Data
  • Hierarchical Folder Structure
  • Large File Support (Up to 25GB)
  • Desktop Client
  • Web Client
  • Drag + Drop Interfaces