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Forging Career Paths Through LYNX Program

Sparking curiosity and cultivating the future of Fredrick

November 11, 2023

The Yakabod team paid a visit to Frederick High School through the LYNX program. The goal of LYNX is to expose students to various industries and local businesses for career and personal development exploration. Students rotated through the Yakabod sessions in the form of stations led by Yakabod employees which included:

Station #1: Exploratory Surveys (Technical Q&A)

Station #2: Interactive Coding Activity (Directed learning on a technical skill)

Station #3: Career Pursuit (Soft skills, Interview Tips, Future Skillsets etc)

The exploratory survey provided great insights into tech careers and how there are a variety of opportunities beyond coding. Of course, coding with AI was an eye-opener in generating engagement and thoughtful questions. The students were intrigued by how many great free resources are available to learn coding.  Many of the students were also surprised to learn the importance of soft skills and what an essential element it is to opening doors and acing the hiring process. 

Some of the students’ feedback from the sessions included comments such as, “The only thing that could make this LYNX trip better is it be longer.” Another student was enthusiastic about the experience saying, “I think this experience was next level.” It was great to hear such encouraging comments knowing we can help the next generation forge their own paths.

Yakabod is excited to host the students for an onsite visit in the spring of 2024 to cultivate our mentoring relationship. We look forward to continuing these events that spark curiosity, build soft skills, and educate students on the many pathways to a career.