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How to Advance Your Insider Threat Program

Watch this live webinar recording now. Learn solutions to common challenges that leaders need to crush: 

1) How to augment a cybersecurity-focused program 

2) Balancing tools with employee training 

3) Confidentiality and privacy protection

Also, get tips for measuring your insider threat program’s success. If you can’t watch the video in it’s entirety, checkout the short webinar highlights below.

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Webinar Highlights

Short on time? Watch the most important highlights in these short video snippets.

About Our Guest Speaker

Virgil Capollari is a former U.S. intelligence officer and founder of Adaptive Risk Strategies. Virgil spent decades managing and countering internal threats in a government context.

Today, he leverages his expertise to help security professionals, private companies, and organizations improve their own insider threat and corporate counterintelligence strategies.

He can be contacted at www.adaptive-risk-strategies.com.

What is Yakabod?

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