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Improving Cyber Incident Response in Higher Education

Harvard Business School, like many universities, handles various types of security incidents which often involve other departments. Over the years, Chris Pringle, CISO at Harvard Business School, managed to ingrain security into everyone’s day-to-day work and therefore continuously evolve the cyber incident response program.

In this past webinar, we interviewed Chris on some of the lessons he has learned over the years while managing cyber incidents. If you don’t have enough time to watch the webinar in it’s entirety, view the webinar highlights below for short minute clips.

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Webinar Highlights

Short on time? Watch the most important highlights in these short video snippets.

About Our Guest Speaker

Chris Pringle is the CISO at Harvard Business School where he is responsible for designing, implementing and evangelizing the IT Security, Compliance and Data Privacy practices for the HBS community. Working with other members of the HBS Community, he oversees and /or designs technological, procedural, and educational/training security practices for the HBS Community. A liaison to the Harvard University community and a member of the University Information Security Advisory Council, he provides leadership in large scale security or compliance projects. With over 29+ years of experience in the IT industry, he shares his knowledge in providing leadership and vision on the realm of information technology security and helps promote overisght and awareness to the HBS community and broader University to promote security concepts, projects and initiatives.

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