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3 Key Takeaways from Managing Cyber Incidents: A CISO’s Perspective & Lessons Learned

In this video, unlock the secrets to a top-tier college cybersecurity department! Watch as we dive in to learn how Luis Gonzalez, CISO at South Texas College, took a large complex college cybersecurity department to program maturity through his leadership abilities and leveraging tools for insights into lessons learned. Hear real-world accounts of situations he encountered and the actions he took to prevent future risks.

Gain a fresh perspective with first hand accounts and discover:

  • Why Role-Based Access (RBAC) is not Enough for Confidentiality: Real Consequences of Disclosure
  • Where and How You Document Affects Outcomes: The importance of consistent processes and documentation
  • How He Navigates Audits and Saves Money: Benefits of a Mature Cyber Incident Response Process

About South Texas College

Comprised of over 28,000 students, over 2,200 faculty and staff, 5 campuses, a Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence, two Higher Education Centers, and a virtual campus, South Texas College has a rich history of being recognized and honored for excellence and innovation.

Cybersecurity leadership at South Texas College is passionate about educating and collaborating with staff, faculty, students, and IT to improve the college’s security posture. Most importantly, their CISO, Luis Gonzales, believes that cybersecurity success requires teamwork and mutual engagement and support between departments, IT, and the cyber team.  Luis’s unique people-centered approach has enabled him to successfully mature the college’s protections and reduce risks while growing and continuously improving his cybersecurity department.

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About Our Guest Speakers

Luis Gonzalez currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer for South Texas College and has 20 years of experience in various areas of the technology field specifically in higher education. Luis has a Bachelor of Business in Business Management and a Minor in Computer Information Systems from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Additionally, he has several industry certifications in cybersecurity, networking, and project management. He also serves as a member of the Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC), Rio Grande Valley Technology Association, and the InfraGard San Antonio Chapter.

Andy Lewis, VP at Yakabod will be conducting the webinar session. Andy has worked extensively with CISOs and other leaders of college and university information security and risk management programs. He holds degrees in engineering and computer science from Princeton University.

Andy is passionate about bringing exceptional value to the Insider Threat and Cybersecurity Communities. Andy merges consumer business needs with commercial product offerings leading the charge for innovation at Yakabod and was instrumental in tailoring Yakabod’s Federal proprietary software -built for the Intelligence Community- to support use cases in the commercial space. He works closely with our partners and customers through acquisition and implementation ensuring customer satisfaction and product fit.

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