Yakabod 7.0 Release Includes Integrations to Increase Data Ingestion and Agility

Frederick, MD, January 20, 2024- Yakabod, the secure case management software provider, announced the release of Yakabod 7.0 custom case management platform. This release tackles common issues CISOs and Insider Threat teams encounter with the growing regulations and requirements they face in reporting incidents related to sensitive data. The upgrades focused on integrations that reduce administrative processes, increase data ingestion, and user adoption -improving agility for Yakabod users. 

Scott Ryser, the Co-Founder of Yakabod, highlights the importance of partnerships when exploring next-generation features for the platform. “Sticking to the value of our core product and making improvements that make sense to reduce the administrative burden for our customers has always been at the heart of our upgrades. Integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, TeamDynamix, and Active Directory are just some examples of improvements we made based on customer feedback.” Andy Lewis, Executive Vice President of Yakabod expanded on the upgrade stating “…The demand for integrations and written reporting overall has increased for our users – especially for our Cybersecurity teams. Reducing administrative processes helps our CISOs and their incident response teams to focus on more important parts of their work.”

In addition to maximizing the capabilities of an organization’s existing tools through workflow integrations, Yakabod 7.0 includes a UX redesign to improve user experience with onboarding modules to improve knowledge continuity and ensure new users scale and onboard quickly. The technical upgrades are enhanced to improve customer administrative features, increase security, reduce administrative service time, and advance architectural modernization. Yakabod 7.0 will roll out to existing customers beginning January 2024 and will be available for purchase to government and commercial enterprise organizations thereafter.


About Yakabod

Yakabod is the best-kept secret in secure case management. For over 22 years, customers have benefited from our best-of-breed products born out of the federal community that are purpose-built, validated, and tested in the most secure environments. Yakabod specializes in the unique needs for secure and centralized documenting, knowledge management, reporting, and out-of-band- communication while ensuring privacy and collaboration in cases such as Insider Threat, Cyber Incident Response, Counter-Intelligence, and other enterprise custom use cases found in environments like Infosec, R&D, research and investigations. Learn more by visiting www.yakabod.com