Yakabod to Sponsor 8th Annual Insider Threat Summit in Monterey

Frederick, MD, March 6, 2024- Yakabod is excited to announce its sponsorship of the 8th Annual Insider Threat Summit in Monterey, California in March 2024.  Along with an impressive line-up of Insider Threat and Insider Risk experts, Yakabod’s Executive Vice President, Andy Lewis, will speak on case management opportunities for insider threat teams.

Scott Ryser, Co-Founder of Yakabod, said, “Challenges and risks around insider threat have never been higher and Insider Risk teams and their organizations need help. We at Yakabod are passionate about providing that help and we’ve been successfully delivering security-focused solutions for over two decades. Insider Threat teams’ challenges are unique and complex. We believe they can benefit most from partners who are focused and understand the specifics. Along with the full team at Yakabod, Andy has been instrumental in bringing our insider threat and data protection expertise to bear to help clients address top challenges and achieve program success – and reduce risks and threats – leveraging Yakabod’s unique technology.”

Yakabod offers secure case management software for government agencies, higher education institutions, and commercial enterprises. Its purpose-built solutions include Insider Threat Case Manager, Cyber Incident Manager, and Enterprise Case Manager.  Insider Threat teams rely on our products to comprehensively protect sensitive case data, efficiently manage response processes, and drive efforts to effectively address insider risks and protect their organizations.

About the Annual Insider Threat Summit (ITS)

In 2015, ITS was Co-Founded by Paul Temple, Founder of Advanced Onion, Inc., making it the first insider threat-related event in the United States. ITS is known for its unique platform – where private and public sectors come together to share their diverse (and sometimes controversial) perspectives in a world-class setting. ITS immediately became known as the “chattiest group of techies/govies we have ever seen” thanks to the stimulating conversations by our presenters, insider threat thought leaders, and the engaged attendees. Learn more by visiting https://www.insiderthreatsummit.com/.

About Yakabod

Yakabod is the best-kept secret in secure case management. For nearly 22 years customers have benefited from our best-of-breed products born out of managing classified missions for the US Federal Intelligence Community.  Yakabod specializes in case management to address the unique needs of Insider Threat, Cybersecurity and other teams who require a high level of protection for confidentiality and integrity along with precisely tailored, efficient business processes.  Its unique software solutions provide a single, central repository for case data, documentation and communication, comprehensive protections for confidentiality and integrity, automation of incident response and related processes, secure out-of-band collaboration, and reporting for strategic and operational metrics. Learn more by visiting www.yakabod.com