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More insight into our perspectives and values.

Personal Development Blog

One of our favorite benefits is the Personal Development Supplement (PDS). The benefit was originally designed to provide us each with some modest funds to upgrade our computer gear each year (since we're mostly geeks and we were going to buy the stuff anyways). But early on, we decided it would be more fun to broaden the definition to allow for anything related to personal development (consistent with the core values, of course). 

Yakaboders use this blog to share some of their favorite PDS purchases. 


Plethos is more than just a SaaS; it's a leadership ecosystem. #Plethosphere is our space to share our stories about how to create, transform, and empower organizations to serve noble, purposeful goals and, in doing so, honoring the people that make up these types of organizations. We'll also invite some special guests to the party to share their leadership experiences!

Stories are far more powerful than a pile of venture cash, so it's time to start telling ours, and sharing our philosphy of what it means to be a great leader.